ICPMS 2024
ICPMS 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

In what form will ICPMS 2024 be held: onsite, online or both?

At present, ICPMS 2024 is proposing a mixed mode of onsite and online conference that will broadcast all presentations all over the world.

Can I present remotely or via recording?

Yes, it is OK to present remotely or via recording. Please contact the organizer for more details about it.

Will recordings be available after the event?

Yes, presenters can get the video recordings for his/her presentation part from the organizer. To get others' presentation videos, you must get their consents first.

Can I get a Certificate of Presentation/ Participation?

Yes, the organizer will issue certificates to participants after the conference if required. Please contact the organizer for it in advance.

How long is the review process?

The primary screening takes 1-3 working days from submission. If not rejected at this stage, your paper will go through peer review process, which usually takes about 1 month.

What's the acceptance/ rejection rate of ICPMS 2024 submissions?

The acceptance rate may be around 60% in all, All full paper submissions will be reviewed by at least 2-3 reviewers.

What's the submission deadline?

We have monthly deadlines and a final deadline. The monthly deadlines will automatically update every month to avoid too many submissions around the final deadline, and to accelerate the review progress for each paper.

When will I conduct the payment and get the invoice?

Along with the acceptance letter, payment information and advised payment period will be given. Please contact the organizer for the invoice.

What about plagiarism detection?

Authors are strongly suggested to check the paper's repetition rate by themselves through professional plagiarism detection. If the paper is rejected because of plagiarism, authors will take the full responsibility, and the paper will not be published and be listed as negative example on our website.
More details about Publishing Ethics can be found at http://www.pmsconf.org/Submission.aspx.

Are accepted papers guaranteed publication?

With raised academic standards, publishers review accepted papers for final decision. For rejected papers, a refund will be made deducting article processing fee of 130 USD per paper. The organizing committee tolerates no academic misconduct in any form and reserves the right to take necessary actions against academic misconduct.

Can you promise the index results?

No, as the conference organizer, we cannot promise the index results for the reason that the organizer is not involved in index issues and the index side is the one who can make decision on index results. However, good publisher and strict peer review will lead to high quality of accepted papers, which will greatly increase the index rate.