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The Fifth International Conference on Physics, Mathematics and Statistics (ICPMS2022) will be held during May 21-23, 2022 in Sanya, China. changed to online meeting on May 21-22, 2022.

Since its inception in 2018, ICPMS conferences were successfully held for last four years, Shanghai (2018), Hangzhou (2019), and online (2020, 2021), attracted delegates from 10 countries and regions including China, Thailand, Japan, the United States, South Korea. The published proceedings have been included in EI Compendex, Scopus, etc.

As an annual international conference, ICPMS aims at being a fast and efficient platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to discuss recent developments in the area of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics. On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals to participate in ICPMS2022.

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Poster Presentations

Please check the following posters and vote for the best one in your mind.

Subject Vote
ICPMS51130_A reliability estimation method for spring group balanced...
ICPMS52707_Analysis of discharge characteristics of pulsed plasma power supply...
ICPMS52774_Radiation assessment of household appliances and stone materials...
ICPMS52849_Reliability evaluation of balanced systems with common bus performance...
ICPMS53071_A study of lightning electromagnetic effect on the metal roof...
ICPMS54855_Simulation system of lighting environment for optical imaging…
ICPMS55817_An analytical method for the spherical stress wave equation...
ICPMS56789_Anticorrosive behavior assessment of electrodeposited zinc...
ICPMS56960_Uncertainty analysis and visualization for a coupled thermohydraulics...
ICPMS57205_Simulation of gradient floating field limiting rings...
ICPMS59278_A Novel Voltage Protection Method for Multi-cell Lithium-ion...
ICPMS59400_Numerical analysis and Optimization of Radio-frequency...
ICPMS59539_Construction and properties analysis of Z-A-Z graphene…
ICPMS56534_Synchronization time in two coupled cluster network...
ICPMS54187_Theoretical simulation on Fraunhofer diffraction...
ICPMS56288_Upper critical field beyond Pauli limit in the exfoliated...

Publishing and Index

Journal of Physics Conference Series (IOP) Publishing: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (IOP)
Online ISSN: 1742-6596
Print ISSN: 1742-6588
Index: Submitted for index by EI Compendex, Scopus, Inspec, etc.

All submissions will be peer reviewed by 2-3 reviewers and evaluated based on originality, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. All accepted full papers will be published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series , and submitted to EI , Scopus , etc for index.

Previous ICPMS Proceedings
Conference Proceedings Index
ICPMS2021 IOP (ISSN: 1742-6596, Vol: 1978) EI and Scopus
ICPMS2020 IOP (ISSN: 1742-6596, Vol: 1592) EI and Scopus
ICPMS2019 IOP (ISSN: 1742-6596, Vol: 1324) EI, CPCI and Scopus
ICPMS2018 IOP (ISSN: 1742-6596, Vol: 1053) EI and Scopus

Keynote Speaker

Prof Lixing Zhou

Prof Lixing Zhou
Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, China

Speech Title: Advances in Validation of the Second-Order Moment Combustion Model by Direct Numerical Simulation

Prof Le FANG

Prof Le FANG
Ecole Centrale Pekin, Beihang University, China

Speech Title: Turbulent flows with non-equilibrium dissipation law

Prof Md. Mahbub Alam

Prof Md. Mahbub Alam
Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China

Speech Title: Energy from flow-induced vibration

Prof Rongming Wang

Prof Rongming Wang
Beijing University of Science and Technology, China

Speech Title: Nucleation, growth, and structure evolution of nanocrystals and heterostructures

Prof Paulo César DE MORAIS

Prof Paulo César DE MORAIS
University of Brasilia, Brazil

Speech Title: Mathematical modelling the influence of nanomaterials’ morphology in bioassays

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Latest Accepted Papers(Update time: May 10, 2022)

ICPMS52707: Analysis of Discharge Characteristics of Pulsed Plasma...
Q Zhang, Z H Liu, D L Lin, et al.
ICPMS59400: Numerical analysis and Optimization of Radio-frequency...
Y H Liu, L J Du, Y L He, et al.
ICPMS51130: A reliability estimation method for spring group balanced system...
Haodi Ji, Xiaobing Ma, Yanyan Wang
ICPMS52950: Study on thrust performance of small water rocket...
Y Q Yang, L B Liu, M Y Chen
ICPMS57205: Simulation of gradient floating field...
Xiuxiu GAO, Xiaoping Dai
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